Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Monday...again!

   I need a personal assistant  I need a chef. I need a housekeeper. Well, ok. I don't need those things, but it sure would be nice. If even for a season. It seems that I get thru a lot of my to-do list, then I get swamped. I'm currently behind in housework, paperwork, and as you guessed, blogging. I have several posts started and more rolling around in my head. I have a ton of projects on my sewing table and E. keeps asking when we are gonna start on her next quilt. I'm just keepin' real here for you. *laugh*

   Currently, I am going thru the "I wanna throw everything away" kinda feeling. But, then I see the girls play with the toys I was just eyeing for the donate pile or I realize that this shirt matches that skirt. *sigh* Really I guess it boils down to I'm overwhelmed with all the fluff stuff. The stuff that lies around. The kinda stuff that you should really keep, but really how to you keep it from overtaking you?!!! The paperwork that goes to the computer. The little bits of junk joy that we use for schooling (think random lids, stickers, pipe cleaners, glitter) . The amount of clothes in my closet. The stack of papers I need to file or don't want to forget about. All the kitchen gadgets, utensils, pot and pans. It. All. Is. Too. Much.
   It's Monday, again. Another start to a week that I hope I can get a grip on our excess. Another week to ponder the how's, where's and why's of all this stuff. But, I need a plan. A plan for a serious purge. We do not need all of this stuff and I can see very clearly how much time and energy it is sucking out of me Every. Single. Day. So, I'm calling in the troops. I need advice. What do you do when you would rather move than clean/organize/declutter? Do you have a system that you'd like to share? Do you have a free Saturday to come over and help me?! I figured I go ahead and ask! *laugh*

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