I'm not sure how I feel about the word 'goods.' It sounds like the stuff you hide away before company comes over.... But, whatever you decide to call it-
 I make things. Not stuff to put up on a shelf and never use (though I do have a few things that can be put up on a shelf or wall), but things that are useful or bring joy to your life- hopefully both simultaneously. Like quilts, paintings, bags and clothing. It started out as just my little bits of joy that I made for my own daughter. But, as I have been blessed with more daughters my projects have multiplied.

I enjoy making things. It's my therapy.  But it also follows me everywhere I go. See, I can get a vision in my head of something and it does not leave- until it's tangible and complete. Really. It can be maddening.

So, if you have a great idea or saw something you loved but weren't sure where to buy it or how to make it- I'm your gal. I'll mull it over for a bit (I can never tell when the fabulous epiphanies will come) and get back to you with the plan. Give me a buzz, I'm excited to make something fabulous just for you.  
{...this page is a work in progress too! I promise to more provide photos, very soon!}

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  1. Jade, I LOVE the modest nursing cover you made for me! It is amazing...finally a nursing cover that actually keeps me COVERED while NURSING! Thank you, Thank you...and the world thanks you too for keeping me covered (ha!). Love ya! bg


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