Monday, September 17, 2012

And then there was one....

      So this year we were slackers.  Well ok, not entirely (remember this little peanut that we welcomed in February?) but we didn't get a spring garden in the ground in time and then decided to do a fall garden...Well, now it's fall and no garden is planted.  Slackers. That is what we are.
   But wait. What is that you see growing wildly in our garden?!?  Yup. A lone watermelon vine. We did not plant it, but we figure it is the remainder from last year's watermelons that we left to compost on their own. 

     So there you have it. A watermelon. Growing to it's little hearts content. All alone.

P.S. please disregard to chipped toenail polish on my toes. *shaking head* Priorities people. I have priorities, and my toes are not on the top of the list. *wink*

What do you have growing in your garden? Or what do you wish you had growing!?

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