Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite Friday: Back in The Saddle...

        Hello!!! Have you missed me? *wink* I'm back in the saddle now, and glad to be posting today! If I'm honest it has been a little quiet around here. Not that my house is actually quiet (that probably won't happen for another 18 years, at least!), but I've been mulling other ideas over in my head, not all blog related ideas. More along the lines of to-do lists and organization, less quirky things I guess...But I digress, back to today's post!
      On Friday's I've been sharing my favorite things. Either something I found that is great, a fabulous project, or just an all over awesome idea.
     Well, since I've been gone for so long my favorite this Friday is working internet- really any technology that works the way it was meant to! While I have been out I've been working on other projects- both around the house and the blog. I now have my etsy store going, you can see me here. And, I'm clearing off my sewing table of projects that have made their way to their appropriate homes. *cheer* I still have a ways to go of course, but it does feel good to be productive. Funny how one of my last 'real' posts before my internet went on the fritz was Productivity: Making the Correlation.
    So, while I've been gone what have you been up to? Share some pictures or your own posts you've been working on! I can't wait to catch up! *smile*  

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