Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saltines, Vitamins, and Ginger Ale (and other goings on)

I have not been around because I have been not feeling so well. Saltines and ginger ale have been a staple and  my vitamins are making me gag (so now I am saying hello to Flintstones... please no judging. I gotta do what I gotta do, you know?). But, other than the constant feeling of the urge to vomit (sorry,  it's the truth!) we are rejoicing that we get to welcome a sweet baby in the winter! The girls are simply beside themselves in anticipation of finding out if this wee babe is a boy or girl. They keep thinking of pros for both results. Of course B. doesn't really get it but she is enjoying all the excitement around.

I am starting to show now and trying hard not to wish away this time of the in-between stage. It tends to be the most frustrating time for me since I am showing, but not much (most people don't notice unless you see me everyday) and I'm in between clothing sizes. *Boo* Again, I am trying to enjoy the fact that I have very little extra weight on me during the hottest time of the summer (remember I'm in the south where it feels like the face of the sun!).

I am still weeding out toys, clothes, and excess that is taking up time, space and thought to maintain. It has been slow going of course the past three months, but there is several bags/boxes of junk things in the back of our suburban as we speak for a drop off! *yippee* I have big plans for our garage. Less is more! What I am having a hard time with mostly is letting go of the remnant of things that  have made the first cut but have sentimental strings still hanging on. How do you let those things go? How do you choose what stays? Really. I want to know. I need help. I may even need intervention......

We are also preparing for school. I had big plans for us starting June 1st, then July 1st... well, we haven't started since all day sickness took over. Now, I am gathering supplies and making it happen for sooner rather than later. Now, to find all those books I bought at the Homeschool Bookfair.....

How have you been? Have you suffered morning sickness or all-day sickness with your pregnancies?

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