Monday, August 27, 2012

A (late) birthday shoutout

I know. I'm terrible. I didn't post anything for my sweet O.'s 3rd birthday! *shaking head* But, let me assure you we had a great time at the beach on our family vacation and we all enjoyed cake and ice cream after singing to her! I'm sure she won't forget this birthday!
    So, although I am not posting this on her birthday. I still want to wish her a beautiful day. A beautiful journey. A life that brings Glory to God and draws her nearer and nearer to Him with every step.

  Today, sweet O., you are a vibrant 3 year old that does not sit still for long. You are always on the go- both with your older sisters and without them. While you love to do what they are doing, you have no fear to venture out alone. You want to take it all in and explore it all. You are extremely enamored by our precious B., although at this point I think she may be a little scared of you (it may or may not have to do with the many pokes and prods you have given her).
   I love it when you slow down enough to want to cuddle with me. You like to put your arm around me and hold me. You still say "I yuv you mama" which of course melts my heart. *smile* You loved the beach, and everything about it. You really enjoy the outdoors in general.
  You recently gave yourself a little trim with some kid scissors you weren't even supposed to have. But, thankfully it wasn't that much and no one knows but us *wink* You ask questions All. Day. Long. I really am trying to be more patient. I promise.
   We love you to pieces. We are SO thankful The Lord saw fit to choose us to be your parents and you our daughter. I am eager to see you grow and behold what He has in store for you.
  I love you O. We'll all keep dancing right along with you!

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