Monday, July 16, 2012

Thankfulness and Green Beans

     This week has been, well, interesting. It started out as any other week. We are (finally!) putting our schoolwork away for the year (remember that baby-break we took in February?), and my planner ended in June so I've been on the hunt for the 'perfect' mom planner (either made, printable, or otherwise). I feel sorta....unorganized without my to-do list, and week view of activities. I need lists people. I need boxes to check off. *grin*
    But in addition to my hunt, our dryer stopped working, our a/c decided to only whisper cold air (um, we live where it's HOT right now... ) and our vehicle situation, is well, a situation. So, needless to say I'm tired. I'm tired of rolling things over in my head but not really getting anywhere with that project/activity. I'm ready for winter and  SNOW (yeah, you guessed it- we don't get much here, but a girl can dream right?! *laugh*). I'm ready to mark some things off of a list and feel that sense of accomplishment. But, even in all my frustration and tiredness I'm still praying fervently for the Bates family. I am thankful that I have an a/c to work on. That I have clothes that need to be washed. That my family is safe. I am thankful for so much.

   In the middle of the week we (all) went grocery shopping. In the store we frequent they had fresh green beans. My girls love green beans, both raw and cooked (I did not teach them the raw part (yuck!) but they like 'em and I try not to discourage any vegetable or fruit eating even if I dislike said vegetable or fruit.). So, I sent my oldest to gather green beans while I pushed the basket and took the other girls over to the tomatoes. As I looked back to see her progress in filling the bag, guess what my little eyes spied? Her eating the green beans at a 3:1 ratio (3 in her mouth to 1 in the bag!)!! I took a deep breath and got her attention and sweetly told her to please put more in the bag so we could move on to the next items on the list. *grin* I know. I shouldn't be upset that the poor girl loves her green beans, but we hadn't paid for them yet and they were unwashed!

   Well, we get home and I put all the groceries away. I sit down to nurse B., and then I spied O. walking funny. She had something in her skirt (it was pulled up to make a pocket of sorts).  Yup, you guessed it. She had green beans (uncooked, unwashed) in her skirt and was eating them like sticks of chocolate .....

   So, while it was a crazy week. I am hoping this week is better. I hope that that I can remain calm and just plug on...or in the case of my girls- Keep calm and eat some green beans. *smile*

   How was your week? What has made you stop and give thanks for the things in your life?

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