Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Friday....with a twist

So, I decided to start posting regularly on Friday's; Favorite Friday's. But I'm gonna have to hijack this week's Favorite and do a little something different. This week I'm sending out a SOS...I'm hoping all my favorite people (YOU!) will help this family.....

         A friend in the Homeschool community that we know through a co-op has had a hard week- they lost their house and all the contents to a fire. They are safe but will be without a home for at least 6 months. Please keep them in your prayer and help if you can. With 9 sweet (homeschooled) kiddos (and one on the way soon!) they will need so much. If you can not see or find the links to give or donate items (I can share specific sizes of clothes/Homeschooling materials needed/household items needed/etc)  feel free to contact me and I will forward you the info personally. Thank you in advance for lifting them up in prayer and for any help you can give. These are the times that the Church is meant to be family.

See the news clip here:

Ways to give:
   1. Paypal them $$$ at Under amount choose "personal" tab and then "other" for no Paypal fees. If paying with a credit card, please accept the fees on your end instead of passing them on to them to pay.

  2. You can take it to Life Church Coppell during business hours (9-5) and service times and leave items/$$$/gift cards there as well. Life Church is located at 200 Fitness Court in Coppell, TX 55019.

 3. Third,  if you feel led, you can go to any Chase bank location and deposit directly to a new Chase bank account setup for them # 4420753794

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