Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And, we started!

Two weeks ago we started school for the new school year. I knew we needed to start early so we could allow for a 'baby break' for when this wee one comes in the winter. This mama is not gonna want to school and have a brand new baby in the house! We're gonna need a break. I'm gonna need to get some sleep under my belt before we start again. But I'm getting ahead of myself. *sigh* We started and now I'm just tired. But, good tired. Tired because we were very productive and got thru a whole two weeks of school without any tears! *cheer* I am so happy with my choices thus far (both the ones that are the same as last year and the ones that are different.). E. is really sailing right thru her independent work and A. is doing great with her first year of structured school (well, as structured as we get around here!). They are both happy to be back in a routine, as am I. I guess I really am a type A at heart and just wish I was the free spirit type....

   Every year I take school pictures in the same place, the same way (more to document growth and such.). And while I am posting them here, I think I'm gonna change it up and take some more exciting pictures soon. I (of course!) have seen some cute ideas floating around on pinterest and think they could just be an exciting way to document this year. This year has really been a year of change for us. Not noticeably to some, but change nonetheless. I even have an idea for incorporating the new baby into this year's school pictures... 


 I promise to post a  belly shot this week (I know! It's been too long!). But, keepin' it real- last week was a l.o.n.g. week for this mama! And, I just couldn't get it all done. Sorry that you (all?) had to suffer silence on my end, but I choose my family over my blog. And, I would hope you would do the same. 

Have you started school yet? What do you do to commemorate the start of a school year? Any great picture ideas???

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