Friday, July 26, 2013

What's up with that?!??

Well, this is what my latest craving has looked like. Chips and Salsa from my local Mexican food restaurant. It is a need, not a want. Really. The cravings have been SO intense. One night it was fried chicken. One night Chinese. Lately, Mexican. A lot of Mexican. It is what is it is. Although some will swear that this baby in the belly is a boy (more on that later), but all I know is these cravings have never been stronger. So seriously, what is up with that?!
So if your nearby and would like to bless me (and relieve my husband of his midnight snack driving duty!) I would happily accept any Mexican food. And, I'd be most appreciative. My belly will thank you. Or better yet, if you could stop by and watch my big girls so the hubs and I could go on a date (when was the last time we did that??? Really, I can 't remember!), that would be even better.  *laugh* 

So as I re-enter reality, I will tell you that this pregnancy has been different. Though my husband tells me I say that every time. I go back in for a check this next week and will post the infamous belly shot from a week or so ago. *wink* I'm just keeping it real. Cravings, belly shots and all. 

Have you craved something while pregnant?? What was your strongest craving?

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  1. With my first it was hamburgers (sans bun since no gluten for me)...with my second it was eggs for the first few weeks. And then avocado...and cottage cheese...and watermelon. I craved a lot of stuff. And this post is making me hungry : )


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