Friday, January 18, 2013

My confession to being a grouch

Food. We have to have it every. single. day.

I am so over it. Well, what I'm over is the thinking about it part. The planning, the researching better options, finding better prices, locating different stores that could carry more of what we buy......blah, blah, blah. IT never ends. It does end- with a grouchy mom. Me. *sigh*

All my favorite little people have been sick and one was in the ER for reasons I cannot even begin to explain. All I can say is:
                                                Kids are quick. Watch 'em like a hawk.

Sorry, that's all you get. But, back to the sickness. We have had someone sick off and on since the beginning of December! Enough already.Seriously. *frown* Couple that with bi-monthly menu planning and a tight budget, and well, your back to a grouchy mom. I promise this whole post isn't about grouchy mom.

This is what I started to do this week. And it was a success! Braeburn apples really make FABULOUS applesauce (and not just the baby variety). It is pink, sweet and tart all the same time! I put up applesauce and sweet potatoes for lil B. She is a fan, which I am most grateful for. At least one person in the house I don't have to stress over their menu! *laugh*

On another note, I am starting to feel better and more productive in general.I have been reading more to the girls, both their read aloud books and from Scripture (mostly Proverbs). It is such a nice time with them. Also, I am hoping to tackle my sewing table this next week and get through some mending that may or may not have cobwebs on it *sigh* Although I didn't see any expiration dates, so we should be good *wink*

So, now you know all about how my week went, how was yours? Are your people sick? What are you having for dinner?

Really. I need ideas.......

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  1. Sorry to hear you've all been sick. We've had the usual sinus/allergy stuff, but thank goodness no flu! Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    I hate the food planning thing, too, and nobody around here even has food allergies. Just get tired of fixing the same things over and over, but afraid to venture too far into uncharted territory from the norm 'cause we HAVE to eat it, no matter if we like it or not, due to the budget thing. Food costs money, you know, and if one's husband doesn't like it, one may never hear the end of it! (ha ha) I wish I had some answers for you, but nothing comes to mind right now. Will let you know if I suddenly have an epiphany regarding any of this. (Don't hold your breath . . . . I've been working on this for YEARS! ;D )
    Love, Grandma Bev


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