Friday, November 16, 2012

Doctors, Food and My Sanity....

         So, I've been away. Well, away from the computer because we have been at the doctor's office...again. Do you remember me telling you that my second daughter, A., has been sick from birth? Well this part of that. I know I need to write a whole post (or a hundred *shaking head*) explaining it all (or what we know thus far), but honestly I'm tired of re-telling the story. And, it's a long one! So, I promise as soon as I get the energy to sit down and write quite possibly the longest post yet, I will give you all the details so this post makes (more) sense. *smile*

      We went to A.'s doctor last week. He tested her and said her bile duct and liver are processing properly and now we just have to be diligent about her probiotics and diet (again, this will make more sense once I finish the post on her- soon I promise!). He tested more foods and added corn and corn products to our list of "no-no's." Now we must be avoid gluten, dairy, corn, artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and minimal sugar. It's interesting around here for sure. *sigh* I have been praying more and more for guidance and patience.
   I guess my annoyance about the whole deal is that I was just getting good at the list above minus the corn, in meal planning/cooking. And, now I must find replacements for corn chips, corn tortillas, corn starch (which is in ALL baked goods, especially GF recipes) and popcorn. *double sigh* I am, however, thrilled that this could be the last diet change we make that will yield fabulous results. I am prayerful that this is it.

    So, the last two weeks have been interesting in the I-don't-wanna-change-how-I-cook-every-meal kinda way. But, they have shown progress so far with A. Her feet aren't as red and inflamed (her normal is red, inflamed  and broken open from scratching so much. Think what your feet would look like if you stood in a fire ant bed for an hour and then scratched them the rest of the day. *frown*), and nights aren't so bad lately. Can I ask you for prayers for her while we have to tell her 'no' to more food (especially hard when we are away from home!), and prayers for me while I try and find better substitutes and meals that are yummy and good for her body?

   Next week I'm gonna be a part of The Simplicity Parenting Carnival again and I'll be sharing how I keep things simple with food and the holidays in spite of all our food restrictions (including the latest ones!). It should be fun. I can't wait to share all my tips thus far in this food journey dictated by health needs. Won't you join me?

  How has your health influenced your food choices lately? What are you trying to avoid?

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  1. I'm praying for sweet A. and praying for wisdom for you as well.


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