Friday, July 27, 2012

Favorite Friday

      I've been revamping our organization in our homeschool (along with purging the whole house). And this is what I came up with for our pencil/colored pencil/scissor/marker situation. 

     I know there are a thousand ways to organize pens/pencils/etc. I used to have them separated into their own pencil box type case (markers in one, pencils in get the point)- the way I had it organized in my former classroom (the one with other people's kids!). It just wasn't working for us. It felt... messy, disorderly and not accessible enough for all 3 girls to get to it at once. So I scoured the internet for ideas and found a few that could work but they just weren't right. Then, as I was wandering looking at Target, I saw this...

      It had a halo around it. *wink* OK, it didn't have a halo,  but I knew it would be perfect.  And it is. It's convenient, fits in the space I need it to (I'll post more on this later) and it always looks very organized. *smile* And, did I mention it's pretty? 

   So, this is my Favorite this Friday. Organization meets cuteness! It can't get much better than this!! 

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  1. Oooohhh, I love it too! I just might need to find one of those for art cupboard. I've been looking for a way to organize all the pencils, paint brushes, etc. Thanks for the idea!


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