Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Friday

   So, I've decided to start posting on Friday's regularly. It will be something that I think is amazing, fabulous and worthy of sharing. Sometimes a picture, video, recipe, item I found, or maybe a home tip that I just learned about. It's like a never ending list of  great ideas....or think of it like a pinterest board coming to straight to your inbox! *wink* Aren't you SO excited?! Me too!! 

 Did you lose the inserts (the handle) to your popsicle molds? Don't be sad! Don't toss 'em in the trash!

       This Friday my FAVORITE thing is spoons (or forks) used for homemade Popsicle handles. Pour your choice of deliciousness into the molds (our favorite so far this summer is half orange juice, half pureed strawberries mixed together!), and place in freezer. Wait 30-60 minutes, then push a spoon handle into the mold. Viola! Now you have a delicious homemade Popsicle to enjoy on a hot summer day!

P.S. A shout out to my brother: Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you!!! 


  1. Yum, what's the recipe?

  2. Ooops, guess I skipped that line. I see it now. I'm blaming the 5am feeding!!!!

  3. Favi- They are so yummy! This week we've made cranberry/OJ pops.. really the variety is endless- and it's all 100% fruit/fruit juice!


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