Monday, June 11, 2012

School, summer and curriculum

     Around here, we're finishing up the school year. While I had planned to finish in April -ish,  having a baby tends to be a good reason to take a break and finish later than planned.  *wink *
    My ultimate goal is to school from June to March every year. This is due mostly because the weather in my part of the world is the nicest for outside play during that time. (Well, late September through October is pretty nice too. ) And the fact that A. cannot be outside in the heat (more on this later) we have from late May through (at least) September. So, while we are inside trying to stay cool, we would be doing school.

   So, since B. joined our family in February we are finishing up now. In two weeks to be exact. I'm ready to put all the school books away, and I know my girls are too. But, while I'm dreaming of packing away (OK, actually selling them) all our curriculum from this past year, I'm also drooling over next year's books. Yup. I've got them. *smile* And they look amazing!  I'm also excited (call me crazy of you wish *wink*) because I'll have a kindergartener and a third grader (sorta fourth grader, due to age). Well, and a preschooler and nursling- I just don't  count them in my 'school attendance ' *laugh*
  Despite the fact that I LOVE school supplies and all things related to school   (I was a teacher in my life before children),  I have high hopes for this coming school year.  We're making some changes to see if it works better and sticking with some other portions to see if they improve with age and number of students.  We'll see. Here's hoping that our school year goes smoothly. *smile*

    Are you done with school this year? What changes are you planning on making for the upcoming year?


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