Monday, June 25, 2012

100 things

 I figured since we're new friends I'd share a few things (ok, 100!) about me.... enjoy! And, feel free to leave a comment if you share some of my 100! *wink* 

1. I LOVE to read.
2. I do not like mornings (unless breakfast and coffee is made for me and you wake me up from a distance)
3. I do not enjoy starting projects that I can not finish in the same sitting.
4. I enjoy quilting
5. I have multiple books that I'm reading at any given time on my night stand.
6. I love ruffles- on anything!
7. I really don't like to cook.
8. If I could, I would hire someone to do bath time, deep cleaning and all meals.
9. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
10. I am a romantic at heart.
11. I love all things chocolate.
12. I should own stock in Pepsi and coffee.
13. I have more medical knowledge than I ever thought I would.
14. I sometimes wish I was born in another century.
15. Though I live in the city, I dream of living on a working farm.
16. I like to have a fully stocked freezer (GF bread, muffins, pizza and fruits).
17. I am drawn to all types of paisleys, and polka dots.
18. I like to organize.
19. I wish I could purge everything and only have 100 belongings
20. I recently learned how to can (mostly jams, pickles and salsa!) and can't stop! Thanks Mimi!
21. My book wish list is ridiculously long.
22. I currently have long straight hair, but think often of cutting it short and perming it!
23. I love bows in my girls' hair (the bigger the better!).
24. I'd rather wear sandals or flip flops then 'real' shoes.
25. We homeschool but I still enjoy having our school room set up more like a classroom.
26. I was a teacher in my pre-motherhood life.
27. I am a licensed cosmetologist.
28. I am a terrible speller.
29. Both my sisters live close to me for the first time in 16 years and I. LOVE. IT.
30. I miss my grandparents desperately everyday.
31. I own too many pairs of shoes.
32. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
33. We generally eat a whole foods diet, but I do enjoy a can of spaghetti-o's (shh! Don't tell anyone!)
34. I don't like to make crafts with my girls unless there is a purpose for the object afterwards.
35. I cry a lot.
36. My husband says I have a metabolism of a squirrel *giggle*
37. I wish I could get a chiropractic adjustment, massage, and pedicure every week.
38. I want to learn how to knit.
39. I like gardening.
40. I've been to England, France and Mexico.
41. I keep grasshopper cookies (I call them crickets *wink*) in the freezer.
42. I wish I had enough good recipes to use my crockpot every night for dinner!
43. I would like to live in a forest (think Little House in the Big Woods by L.I. Wilder)
44. I've been to 5 Universities.
45. I enjoy coffee almost any time of day (white chocolate mocha is my favorite)
46. I am not very good at remembering to take my vitamins.
47. I tend to research things (a lot) before doing anything new.
48. I would rather a cheap date night then flowers.
49. I drive a van (I always said I would never drive a van! ha!)
50. I have a great group of ladies that are my mentors from family, church and quilting (Love you gals!!)
51. I would REALLY like to have all the scrapbooks/photos up to date for all my girls (on my to-do list!)
52. I like to paint.
53. I talk a lot.
54. I may have been known to overstay my welcome due to the large number of questions I had for my hostess on the topics of homeschooling, mothering, organization, and matters of saving-faith.
55. I can get overwhelmed easily.
56. It can be said that I collect skirts and dresses (ok, and shoes &  purses)- I'm working on self-control and finding the ones I LOVE (more on this later)
57. I wish I could frame the family tree portion of my family Bible
58. I would like to live next to a beach (I know this doesn't work in light of #43, but a girl can dream!)
59. I have a cloth-diapering bag idea rolling around in my head that I would like to pitch to a major manufacturer (there is currently not one on the market like it, but fills a niche that cd-ing mama's would like!)
60. I used to love summers....winters are quickly becoming my favorite.
61. I LOVE my church family. They are truly like family!
62. I am not very computer savvy and ask my sisters for help a lot! Thanks girls!
63. I love chocolate (just in case you skipped over # 11)
64. I've seen the journey cancer can bring and pray those struggling with it has a loved one close to them during the battle (I love you B!)
65. I've had  4 unmedicated natural deliveries (my first with a doctor in a hospital and 3 with a midwife in a hospital. Hugs to you Brenda!) and wouldn't trade the experience for the whole world. They were very empowering and humbling experiences (more on this later)
66. I love cloth diapers!
67. I LOVE to sing.
68. I am afraid of heights.
69. I enjoy seeing my girls wear something I made. Really, it's more about them enjoying that garment than about my feeling of accomplishment.
70. I could listen to music all day.
71. I might have a love for sour candy (and spicy candy!).
72. My favorite scents are anything vanilla, coffee, cinnamon and clean/linen.
73. I would be a minimalist in another life.....
74. I secretly want to be a midwife when I 'retire' from motherhood.
75. I can play the piano beautifully wish I could play anything on the piano.
76. I own a guitar but have not learned to play it yet *frown*
77. I want all 4 of my girls to learn an instrument.
78. I am an Alpha Phi (<3 Shirley)
79. I am a Wanna-Bee.
80. My birthday is one day before my sister's (6 years and 1 day actually!). We used to hate sharing birthday parties but now we love having one family dinner to celebrate!
81. I've concluded that there isn't a perfect planner/calendar for me, so be on the look-out for one that I will create.
82. I own 3 aprons but rarely remember to put one on before I spill something on my shirt...
83. I loved being pregnant.
84. My husband is my high school sweetheart (yes, I was a cheerleader and he was a football player).
85. I sang the National Anthem before many football, basketball and volleyball games in high school.
86. I appreciate good customer service and a smile.
87. I have a love for cookbooks (though how this is in spite of # 7, I don't know! *laugh*).
88. I don't wear a watch (very often).
89. I am not a good time manager, I am late often. Though this is on my list of (bad) habits to change very soon (more on this later).
90. I dream of being completely self-sufficient one day, but would settle for only monthly trips to 'town.'
91. I'm trying to make our house completely GF/DF.
92. I was a pageant girl once upon a time....
93. I want us all to have bicycles by the end of the year (2012).
94. I dislike spiders and snakes (and most creepy crawlies).
95. I like all things monogrammed.
96. I am my worst critic.
97. My favorite make-up articles are mascara, bronzer and lip gloss (I don't wear much else).
98. I want to make all my household cleaners (I currently make our laundry soap and general cleaning spray).
99. I want to learn how to exchange all the medicines we have with natural remedies.
100. I am SO excited you are reading my blog! *Smile and wink*


  1. Fabulous list! I'm with you on so many : )

  2. I love reading your blog! Great list, it reminds me of why we are friends ;)

  3. I love you! And I appreciate my shoutout :) I love you and miss you everyday. TX is too far away, especially on days like today.

  4. I did this!

  5. Ginger- Oh. My. *grin* we are meant to be friends for sure!!!! I love the fact that you get excited about thrift stores! I should have added that to my list!!!

  6. Bonnie- I miss you too! Thanks for reading.... and I would expect a shout out if you had a blog- we're that kinda friends! *wink*
    Betsy- I am sure you can agree with some of them too! They are why we are STILL friends
    Em- You should do this! I bet I could start yours for you!


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