Saturday, May 26, 2012


      I thought my first post should  be a little warning introduction.  I know the title of my blog tends to infer that I am constantly living in the shade (read: unexpected storms of life- marriage, motherhood and my walk with The Lord).  I am not. I am a very blessed woman, more then I deserve for sure. I am thankful to my Maker that He deemed me fit (even in my sinfulness) to be the help-meet of my husband, and mother to my four beautiful girls. This blog is about my walk through this life and all that is has brought and will bring in the future. I am a very different woman then I was 10 years ago when I married (aren't we all?!). I was young and naive to my sinfulness, and to the possibilities of what my life could hold- both good and bad.

    In saying that, let me assure you- I am not a pessimist.*smile* I enjoy laughing and seeing the best in people and situations. In fact, I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt; I doubt myself before I doubt the intentions of others. Faith in the Shade is literally my walk with the Lord and His growing my faith in the shade of life's storms (and joys!) that I have encountered thus far. It is my outlet (now) for all that rolls around in my head about seeking the Lord, marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, natural living, cooking GF/DF, and my love of crafting and anything homemade. I am diverse, I  know. And while some may call me crunchy, I prefer eclectic. *wink*

     My vision for this blog is lofty, though I feel convicted to share my ramblings journey. I hope I don't bore you all to tears. I hope I don't share too much. * awkward* I hope I bring Glory to Him who is The Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8). I hope you'll stay and walk this journey with me and grow your faith in the shade  of this life.


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